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We’ve worked with an enormous amount of people from all walks of life and all of them, despite all their beautiful differences were obsessed with a single wish — to become parents, to have kids, to give life to a new life. No matter how close or far the parents were from their wish, we always took advantage of every opportunity to help them succeed.

We’re commonly asked to estimate the number of children that we’ve helped conceive and the truth is that we never really counted the exact number. But what we know for sure is that the geography is worldwide.

Our mission is to be your most helpful resource for as long as it is necessary and some clients even say that we do it perfectly.

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As a client of SurfingFertility, you have entrusted us with guiding you towards your lifelong dream, and it’s our firm commitment to treat you with the privacy, respect, and dignity you deserve. We will not only guide and accompany you through each stage of the process, but also act as your sole point-of-contact, and limit your interface to the very best options and only those of your choosing.

Our Mission

SurfingFertility was created to support and guide intended parents in locating the very best specialists for assisted reproduction, donation, and surrogacy on a global level. We support our community and are here to help you through every single step of the process.


  • In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF)
  • Donation
  • Surrogacy
  • Family Balancing
  • Postponed Maternity
  • And more…

About Us

Our Core Values


Learning and sharing our knowledge is our passion – we aim to provide you with all the facts you need to make informed decisions.


Your dignity is our reputation. As we work together towards your dream our commitment to your privacy and support is unparalleled.


This process can be challenging, we will be upfront with all information you not only need, but want. We provide accurate details including easy to read summaries.


No one can make this journey alone, which is why relationships and community are central to our approach in guidance.

Helping You Succeed

We’re In This Together

It’s our goal to be proactive during the entire process, giving you plenty of options and always respecting your availability, desired timeframes, financial and psychological readiness. Making a life-changing decision like having a baby should never be made out of haste or pressure. We understand that this decision should only be made when it feels right, and you’ll know it. It’s our commitment to guide you there.

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“Biological clocks” can be stopped

“Biological clocks” can be stopped

The terms “delayed motherhood”, “postponed maternity’’, ‘’social freezing” or “elective freezing” appeared not so long ago in the ART world, and despite the active distribution in the US, this procedure still causes some wariness and doubts among women. If we consider...

Can a Donor’s child ever become Mine?

Can a Donor’s child ever become Mine?

Hundreds of times I’ve heard these phrases in my office - “I’ll never be able to accept a donor’s child”, “the baby will remind me of a donor”, “ I want to see my genetics in my offspring”… Frankly saying, when I hear that, I realize that the lady is just not ready...

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