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What we do

We search, find and compare fertility clinics offering IVF, IUI, Surrogacy, ICSI, Egg Donation, IVM, Blastocyst Transfer & More. We support and guide intended parents in locating the very best specialists on a global level.

Working Collectively,
Caring Individually

No matter at what point currently you are — SurfingFertility is here to teach, advise and support you towards your desired wish. 99% of your success in any fertility treatment is dependent on your personal emotional comfort and we aim to make our vast network of comfortable, convenient, and luxurious accommodations available to you.

What We Do

Your Stress-Free Journey Includes:

Specialist Referrals

Our trained client managers work with you to recommend the highest-rated fertility specialists and clinics across the globe.

Travel Accommodations

Airline travel, visas and lodging are all handled by us. We make sure you feel comfortable, safe and confident on your trip.

Concierge Services

Beyond a personal driver, we provide sightseeing and tourism activities as well as a 24/7 translation service should you ever need it.

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Our Approach

How We’re Different

We help prospective parents find the very best specialists for the Infertility treatment, Donation and Surrogacy on a global level.

  • We collaborate only with the highest reputed centers across the globe
  • We honor and work within any financial requirements that you may have
  • We offer complete travel, visa support and lodging accommodations end-to-end
  • Your information is always kept private and never shared with third-parties

Matching You With Global Fertility Specialists

Just as one may travel to find the best ocean swells, we help our clients interview, select and travel to industry-leading fertility providers for the treatments that they require.

We’re Here To Guide You At Every Step

Our team will support you through each stage of the process from matching you with the very best suited clinic to working alongside your personal physician and labs. We will organize your travel, lodging and concierge services including 24/7 interpreters and even dinner reservations, with no detail too insignificant.


What Clients Are Saying

I am extremely grateful to you and your entire team for all your help so that I can blissfully welcome the arrival of 2020 with my baby all together! I cannot express all the joy and gratitude in my heart. I can only pray for the good health and peace of you and your family, with happiness and sweetness in work and life.


I have some amazing news for you. I’m 22 weeks pregnant! I went to the doctor today and heard the heartbeat for the first time! I am so amazed. We did it!
I totally knew if anyone could it would be you!


Just to inform you that we have received the biggest gift that God could have brought to us, And with your help also! Her name is Margot and she is our princess! We are so happy and we don’t know how to thank you all!


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